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New York Deportation Attorney – Protecting You and Your Loved Ones from Deportation

Deportation or “removal” is often a terrifying term for many people living in the U.S. and the legal implications are often more menacing. If you are not a legal citizen of United States and you have been arrested, if you are committing visa overstay, or if you are convicted of a felony, deportation will always be a persistent threat. This is a frightening experience, as you may find yourself facing what Is known as “Removal Proceedings”, defined under 8 USC §1229A.

Removal proceedings will consist of an administrative hearing that will determine your removability from the country held by an official immigration judge. During this, you may find yourself facing charges of inadmissibility under 8 USC §1182, including, but not limited to, the following:

They will also be facing applicable grounds for deportation under §1227, including, but not limited to:

The proceeding will open with the administration of oaths, the presentation of evidence, interrogations, and cross-examinations. It is required for the hearing to take place either in person, through video conference or even over the telephone – depending on the specific circumstances. Should you fail to appear, you will be immediately removed, so long as you are deemed removable.

Deportation can rip families apart, destroy lives, and have other serious effects on individuals and families. With an immigration lawyer by your side, together we can apply a unique and complex sex of strategies to such cases so you will have appropriate legal representation in court, and have a chance to avoid removal.

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