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Business Immigration

New York Business Immigration Attorney – Get Your Business Set Up in United States!

Whether you are seeking to obtain or extend any U.S. business visa, at The Law Offices of Gerald Karikari we provide our business clients with personalized service that is structured to achieve the best results in a strategic and expeditious manner.

While there are a broad range of business visas, and certain visas are well-suited to a certain purpose, no visa is universally applicable to all situations. Therefore, a business owner or manager seeking to bolster their workforce through immigration solutions or an intending immigrant looking to come to work in United States must carefully assess their options before acting. 

We strongly believe in the benefits and opportunities the immigration process may provide for both employers and their employees. Our office is fully dedicated to provide business immigration services to businesses throughout the United States, and the world. At the Law Offices of Gerald Karikari, we draw from both personal and legal practice experience to identify the right processes and provide customized legal solutions for your business to start up and thrive in the United States, as well as facilitate the process of hiring and utilizing the right resources for your business.

At The Law Offices of Gerald Karikari, we care for you case and wish to help. Give us a call right away!